User Reviews On Jungle Scout Products (Web App & Chrome Extension)

Users who gave Jungle Scout a positive review said that it is a simple yet great tool for conducting product research on Amazon. Others mentioned that it helps them gain insights from sales data, find new items and opportunities, and track products with ease.

ReviewFaqs Verified Jungle Scout Coupon on G2 Crowd stated that it is a useful tool for identifying profitable products and new opportunities. He added that it helps his company determine competitor items and other products that have high and low-profit margins.

Jungle Scout offers two products, each with several tiers: Web App (ranges from $39 to $99/month) and Chrome Extension (one-time fee of $97 or $197). Users who subscribe to Web App annual plans get discounted rates. The main differences between the products are their implementation and features, such as product tracking and product opportunity scores among others.

Jungle Scout product tracker allows you to track overtime to monitor the sales, inventory, best-sellers rank as well as any other relevant information. The tool is a classic tracker that saves you so to say the “999 Trick” but automated allowing you to monitor the inventory of whatever ASIN you want.

Add the product to the cart, up the QTY to 999, if they have less then it’ll show how many they have in stock. Repeat the process multiple days in a row to see how the product’s quantity changes to get a good idea of sales. The positives of Jungle Scout are many but basically, it makes product research quick and simple. It would essentially be impossible to run an FBA business without the data provided by Jungle Scout.

It is super easy to use, which is what makes it such a powerful tool. It will save you time, and the interface is clear and effective – making it straightforward to interpret metrics. When learning how to use Jungle Scout – you will be surprised at how quickly you pick it up!

The downside? There is some doubt on the validity of the data provided. As the estimates are based on sales ranks, and these can change so quickly, it is difficult to trust the estimates suggested. However, this tool is not meant to replace a savvy business mind – but to offer help and support in making sound decisions.

This means you need to bring intelligence to the interpretation of data. More worryingly, maybe, is that there is sometimes a difference in the data provided by the extension and the WebApp. This is something that Jungle Scout promises to be looking into. Also, there are some products not included. This means you may still end up doing some manual research anyway. A product that Jungle Scout really not helps with books, for instance.

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