What Are the Game Controls of Gun Mayhem

A fun take on the ever-popular Smash Bros formula, Gun Mayhem has you jump around on a number of platforms above a bottomless chasm. Try to shoot your opponents of it. If that should fail, try to shoot them dead at least. Every level sees you equip your trusted handgun and pick your favorite perks. From extra ammo to no recoil to triple jumps to so much more. Play alone or with a friend and have at it against your wildly jumping and shooting opponents.

Will you be able to stand victorious as they fall off the platform? Will you jump back onto solid ground after losing your grip? In Gun Mayhem action games are fast and furious. The AI is clever and fiendish. The fun is crazy and lasting. What are you waiting for?

Snip your enemies out of the screen hundreds of times in endless fun. That’s what every shooter addicted to the gun mayhem genre will find once they accept the challenge of trying to firm their feet when there is a mercenary shooting dozen of bullets towards them, designing their death.


Controls: Arrows = Jump/Run, [ = Shoot, ] = Bomb


Player 1:

  • Arrow Keys – Move
  • Z – Shoot
  • X – Throw Bomb

Player 2:

  • WASD – Move
  • T – Shoot
  • Y – Throw Bomb

3-4 Players:

Controls for players 3 and 4 have to be configured in options on the main menu.

Multiplayer Game

Engage in insane battles with crazy creatures! In Gun Mayhem 2 you can fire at your opponents to knock them off the map. Jump up and down to switch platforms and protect your fighter. Grab boxes for bonus shields or more powerful weapons. Complete challenging battle tasks in Campaign mode! Gun Mayhem 2 is one of our selected Shooting Games online.

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